Escoda Ultimo Mop Synthetic Review

Escoda Mop Synthetic 14

Escoda are a Spanish brush making company from Barcelona. This review features the Escoda Ultimo Mop Synthetic, size 14. The mop brush is an important part of the watercolour painter’s kit, and is indispensable for covering large areas. The larger sizes can be quite pricey, especially the natural hair squirrel mop brushes. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a large squirrel mop there are alternatives. Synthetic brushes often conjure up mental images of inferior performance, and water holding ability. Can a synthetic give a similar result to the natural brush, and is it worth spending your hard earned money on?
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Sakura water brush review

Sakura Waterbrush Nibs

The best thing about the Sakura water brush is that it’s very portable, and you can easily take it anywhere. It’s shape is like a pen. In this Sakura water brush review, I’ll cover as many aspects as possible, so that you can decide if it’s the product for you. To use the brush, you simply fill it with water, Read More

How to save 30% – 50% or more on art materials if you live in Australia

If you’re an artist and living in Australia, you’re most likely aware of how incredibly expensive it can be to purchase quality artist materials here, especially if the products you want to buy are imported from other countries. Sometimes the trade off for a lower quality is simply not worth it, even if it’s a lot more than people are paying overseas.

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