Improve your painting by watching videos of watercolour masters

Watercolour tutorial online

Watercolour painting is a process of constant learning and development, and one of the most useful and FREE methods available is by viewing videos online. It’s good to develop your own style, and not try to imitate master painters directly, but instead learn from their techniques and incorporate their methods into your own work. Many of these artists, have regular classes that they host around the world, so if you like the videos you might want to try one of their live classes.

Alvaro Castagnet paints amazing street scenes

Alvaro Castagnet is one of the most talented watercolour painters, and he is able to paint vividly with a confident technique. In his demonstrations he talks in detail about the processes he uses in his painting, and he has a passionate, yet at the same time precise method of painting. Even if you don’t want to paint in a similar way, it’s still fascinating to watch how he does it, and you can also learn about the methods of colour mixing and application that he uses, which you can apply in your own work.

Live from Weston Park – Watercolour Masters Demo

Joseph Zbukvic paints an amazing street scene

Joseph Zbukvic has  somewhat different technique that he developed himself over many years of painting. It’s well worth watching the way he paints, to see how he manages to almost effortlessly produce watercolour masterpieces.

Some of the techniques covered in these videos include washes, wet on wet, dry brush, removing paint, defining shapes, sketching, and pigment strength. Even if you’re a seasoned pro, you would most likely be able to learn something new by watching, or remember something that you might already know.

Watercolour essentials with Thomas Schaller

There are of course many other artists that teach courses, and have similar tutorials. Have you found any other interesting videos from watercolour masters? Which techniques have you discovered online that helped improve your painting?

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