How to save 30% – 50% or more on art materials if you live in Australia

If you’re an artist and living in Australia, you’re most likely aware of how incredibly expensive it can be to purchase quality artist materials here, especially if the products you want to buy are imported from other countries. Sometimes the trade off for a lower quality is simply not worth it, even if it’s a lot more than people are paying overseas.

Watercolourart has a created a solution to this problem, and we can help you to have the product you want delivered with a significant cost saving. We’ve recently added hundreds of new products to the shop category of the store. You’re probably wondering how this will be able to save you any money on the materials, but it is possible, and 100% legit and legal. All the products in the art supplies section our store are sold from Amazon, and if you choose to purchase any of them you will be redirected to the Amazon site to complete the purchase.

Within the last week, Amazon has announced that it will be blocking Australian shoppers from its main store from 1st July 2018. People have differing views on whether this is a good or a bad thing, but in the long run it will be the consumer that pays in the form of higher prices. There is a very short window of opportunity to save money by purchasing from Amazon, so if you’re going to do it, now is the time to buy. I usually buy materials from my local art supply store, so that I can use them right away, and also because I like going there. The reality is that I need to try to limit the costs of these materials, and buying from Amazon is the best way I’ve found to do it. Soon it won’t be possible at all, as the AU version of the Amazon store isn’t stocking any of these products.

You might also be wondering why you would want to shop through our store and not simply find what you want on the Amazon site yourself. The products we’ve chosen to list all ship to Australia and were in stock at the time of listing, so you don’t need to make any effort to search through the millions of products on Amazon to find out where the savings are, as we’ve done the work for you. We’ve converted all the prices into Australian dollars, so you’ll be able to make a better price comparison to see how much you’re saving. The products are basically a summarised version of what you’ll see when you click through to the Amazon store. We are an Amazon affiliate, so if you purchase via our store, we will receive a small commission for the referral. There won’t be any difference to your purchase price, and your commission will help to maintain this site and produce more artwork, like the items available in the original painting section.

We’ve also tried to select the best quality products available, with brands such as Daniel Smith, Holbein, Arches Paper, Da Vinci brushes, etc. If you want student quality materials these have also been included, with some paint brands like Winsor & Newton. In the near future we plan to add comparison prices on these items, with the local price as the regular price, and the Amazon item as the sale price. We’ll keep adding more products before the July 1 cutoff, so check back again in the next few weeks. If you have any comments leave them below, and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to be notified of posts like this in the future. Hopefully we’ve helped to save you some money for your art materials.

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